Our three sites

wor barrowFocus Area 1: Wor Barrrow

Wor barrow is one of a number of earthen Neolithic long barrows on Cranborne Chase.
Pitt Rivers excavations here were arguably his most ambitious. We will be helping improve the condition of the Wor Barrow and investigating the fields around it.

2015-06-20 16.48.48Focus Area 2: Winkelbury Hill

An Iron Age hillfort  and associated sites excavated by Pitt-Rivers in AD1881. Six refuse pits were found and the site  of a hut with remains of wattle and daub recorded. We will investigate the area around the hillfort using geophysics.


Stockton Works


Focus Area 3: Stockton Downs and Woods

Investigated by Colt Hoare , the area features Iron Age earthworks and a circular enclosure  excavated several times. The area also contains a Roman settlement. We will reinvestigate the earthworks and explore the archaeology in the  adjacent woodlands.

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