Repeat Walk to Heytesbury on 6th September

A walk, led by Nick Cowen and held on Wednesday 6 September, will follow in the footsteps of one of the fathers of archaeology – William Cunnington (1754-1810). This is an additional walk to the one over the same route held on 27 July which has sold out.

The morning will be centered on Iron Age field systems and Bronze Age barrows, the latter investigated by Cunnington and one of the other founding fathers, Sir Richard Colt Hoare. There are spectacular landscape views and the opportunity to walk down a dry valley where there is usually no public access (total of 4km of easy walking). The afternoon will focus on the village of Heytesbury with its Cunnington and Parker connections. The Parkers, father and son, were the ones who did the spade work.

William Cunnington was a self-educated merchant who developed an interest in the rich archaeological landscape around his home village of Heytesbury, where he both lived and worked. In contrast to the vast majority of antiquarians of the time, Cunnington realised that to fully understand the barrows which fascinated him, they should be excavated and recorded carefully and methodically. Beginning his work around 1798, his initial investigations were self-funded, but increasingly they attracted the interest of a succession of wealthy patrons, including Sir Richard Colt Hoare (1758-1838) of Stourhead.

This walk is limited to 20 people, therefore early booking is recommended. Email 01747 870810.

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