Winkelbury Hillfort Fieldwork – 6th April 2017

On 6 April, a beautiful early spring day, we returned to Winkelbury, but not, as in the past, to do geophysics but to survey some of the features which, because they are outside the scheduled area of the hillfort, have not been accurately surveyed. Yet, these features are certainly not without importance and include linear features and at least one barrow. The resulting data will serve as a condition survey against which any future changes can be measured. The occasion also provided training for the 10 volunteers present on how to, firstly, recognise relatively low profile archaeological features, put in control points and use both GPS and a Total Station to survey features. Despite the use of sophisticated equipment provided by the University of Winchester Archaeology department, the volunteers learnt that there is still an element of subjectivity and also observational skill in determining when a break of slope occurs, when the bottom of a ditch has been reached or where a linear feature fades and disappears. 



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