Colt Hoare quoted in consultation over A303 Tunnel at Stonehenge

As quoted in the Guardian on the 8th February 2016 : –

“English Heritage, the National Trust and Historic England acknowledged the scheme would remove the sight of the A303 from the landscape and would open more of it up to the public.

They said: “The proposed A303 tunnel would remove the majority of the existing damaging road and its traffic from the world heritage site, finally reuniting the north and south sides of this extraordinary ancient landscape and allowing people to enjoy and understand it better.

“It would also allow for the reinstatement of the line of the Stonehenge Avenue, an ancient processional route to the stones. This is the first time that a government scheme to improve the A303 within the Stonehenge landscape has recognised the importance of the avenue.

But Normanton Down Barrows could be a problem. The group was described by the 18th and 19th century archaeologist Sir Richard Colt Hoare as a “noble group – diversified in their forms, perfect in their symmetry and rich in their contents”. Under the current scheme the western portal will be built just 100 metres from them.”


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