Geophysical Survey at Stockton

Six days of geophysical survey at Stockton have now been completed (the last day was 3 August) and we already have an inkling that the results are going to be interesting once they have been fully processed. Both parts of the site were sampled, using resistivity and magnetometry on each part. Every day a dedicated group of volunteers reported present to keep the work rate up. Some volunteers returned several times.


The excellent Royal Commission for Historic Monuments (RCMH) survey, carried out by Carenza Lewis and Hazel Riley already provided an insight into this complex site, but the extra dimension provided by geophysical survey will allow us to see if anything is going on in the areas where there were no humps and bumps to survey. Only one stray find was found: a Black Burnished Ware (BB1) pottery sherd. BB1 is an indigenous, bonfire fired, pottery tradition from the Poole harbour area which, under Roman occupation, became a ware encountered as far away as Hadrian’s Wall, as a result of supply contracts with the Roman army.


Inquisitive cattle were the only real difficulty we met with on the site, until the stockman suggested we hold our measuring tapes up in front of the cattle to simulate electric fencing. A combination of grazing and mechanical thistle removal  provided a good ground surface for geophysical survey.  We move on to Wor Barrow later in the month.

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