Geophysics at Winkelbury 02.06.16

More geophysical survey was took place at Winkelbury on 1 and 2 June. The tempo has definitely increased as we have become more adept at using the 50 metre tapes, putting in pegs and laying out, and moving the tram lines for both the techniques used. Nathalie and David (Winchester University) seem pleased with the progress, though they would probably be too polite to say so if they weren’t! This apprenticeship will hold us in good stead for Stockton which may be a little bit more challenging because of the humps and bumps on the site.

Resistivity results can be read off relatively easily but magnetometry requires considerable time and effort in processing the data. Parts of the site have now been subjected to both techniques. Enough volunteers have come with no metal about their persons to keep the magnetometer moving. Jenny Farrer has once again produced some very evocative ‘figures in the landscape’ – Jenny’s technique is fortunately very rapid as her subjects are rarely still for more than a few seconds.



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