Geophysics begins in earnest 28.05.2016

The Foundations of Archaeology geophysics programme began in earnest last week; our efforts centring on Winkelbury where both soil resistivity and magnetometry were deployed – though not close to each other as the two techniques are inimical to each other. Magnetometry is fastest and so more ground was covered, but it is hoped that enough 20 metre squares were surveyed using both techniques to help make an informed decision about where to extend the grid this coming week, on the basis of the interpreted results. 


In fine weather there is nothing quite so pleasant as doing some geophysics on such a beautiful site with such commanding views, especially when in the reassuring company of an experienced university geophysics team (University of Winchester). However, as local volunteers keep reminding us, we have yet to experience the site in angry conditions! By dint of simply spending more time on the site we are learning more about it and even finding indicators of past uses of the site and its environs, iron working for example.


Anyone wishing to help with the geophysics on this or our other two key sites, should email


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