Pitt Rivers excavations on Martin Down

After we had finished our walk last Saturday Alex Dedden went to find the Middle Bronze Age settlement/enclosure which had been excavated in 1895 by Pitt Rivers. He kindly emailed the project with what he discovered:

I found the enclosure very easily, although the only visible elements (not too surprising) are the Pitt-Rivers reconstructed banks – about 0.5m high at most, and with significant gaps in several places. However, it is actually visible from the path running SE from the northern end of the car park once you are ~200m along the path – and sits in a gap between the large area of low scrub to the NE of the path and the hedge line at right angles to the path directly ahead. A metre high post also aids location – this sited at the western corner (closest as you walk from the car park). 

Also interesting to look at the various aerial photos – the cursus terminus shows very well on Google maps as a crop mark! Earlier aerial photos show the Grims Ditch running past the long barrow – perhaps these indicate not much deep ploughing in these fields?”


Middle Bronze Age Enclosure on Martin Down


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