Visit to Stourhead 27.02.15

I can now confirm the Stourhead day on 27 February. And what a day it’s going to be – with three NT experts to guide and inform us us:

– Arrive at 10.00 for coffee. Field visit in the morning with Martin Papworth (archaeologist and Colt Hoare enthusiast)
– Lunch in the restaurant or bring your own packed lunch
– Talk from Emily Blanchard (historian) in the hall
– Tour of the house – focusing on the Colt Hoare library
– Tour by Alan Power (garden expert)

This is all being arranged by Mike MacCormack, general manager at Stourhead, and the focus of the visit will of course be Sir Richard Colt Hoare.

A number of you have already booked, but there are still places (please book through me) – the cut off point is 30 for this event. The visit will be contained within Stourhead estate but it is a big area and will involve some walking, so appropriate footwear please. Mike has asked to be informed if anyone has any mobility or other issues he should be aware of.
The event is, as usual, free, but we will in this instance accept a voluntary contribution of up to £5.00 per person at the end of the day. You won’t need to pay the NT anything – they will invoice the FoA Project separately.


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