First event Cranborne Chase Walk 13.09.15 10.00am

This is to let you know that our first event, a walk on Cranborne Chase, will be held on Sunday 13 September. Start time will be at 10.00. You can either bring your own lunch or have a pub lunch in the King John in Tollard Royal (the latter not cheap apparently). We aim to get back to the cars at about 16.00 but this will depend on our pace and how much talking we do along the way.

Adrian Green, director of Salisbury Museum, will lead this 7-8 km walk and we are delighted that, through his input, we can start to make connections between landscapes, sites, artefacts and, of course, the early archaeologists.This walk will be a gentle introduction to the complex world of General Pitt-Rivers and will help us get a feel for the landscape he worked in. We will also pass within spitting distance of another of our three key sites, Winkelbury.

You will need to book onto this walk as we have to have some idea of numbers. Once you have let me know that you wish to participate I will give you the OS map reference and a Google map reference to the start point. You can bring friends/family who aren’t on our contact list, but please let me have their names when you book. You can book simply by replying to or by leaving a voice or text message on my mobile: 07983279825. There is no charge for this event.

If you are not a car owner please let me know where you live and we will endeavour to get you there, but can make no promises. If you are uncertain about your ability to complete the walk or have a medical condition which could be a problem please let me know and we will try and make appropriate arrangements. Serious footwear and weatherproof clothing are essential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Philippe Planel

Foundations of Archaeology Project


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